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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updaed September 29, 2021

CORONAVIRUS and Clubcatcher.com

What the ____ is going on???

A disease originated in late 2019 dubbed Coronavirus (or COVID-19) started in Wuhan China by someone. It is not certain if the person either touched or ingested an animal, but in any case, this person has spread the virus to more people around the world including infecting over 1,500 canadians of which 20 died (as of 8:50pm March 23rd). As the status of this virus continuously changes, the number of infections are also expected to change. For more information on actual numbers, consult any local news source.

I want to go to a nightclub but I can't wear a face covering at all. What do I do?

Just about every place worldwide has a bylaw that includes requirements to be exempt from wearing a mask in any public places. In Toronto Ontario, The Face Covering Bylaw #541-2020 lists the types of people that qualify for an exemption. In most cases, simply stating to an employee of the club that you are exempt is sufficient.

Why are many people being turned away from a club over vaccination?

From September 22nd, 2021, and until further notice, The Doug Ford government (of Ontario) begun implementing a "Vaccine Passport system". According to his rules, employees of any businesses deemed non-essential (including nightclubs and other entertainment venues) are ordered to bar entry to each person that cannot validate that he/she received the required number of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Similar vaccine passport related laws are currently in effect in other parts of the world.

Should I get the vaccine? How safe is it?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a good answer as there is a vast amount of differing information on whether it is safe or not. While we encourage nightclub guests to do their part to remain safe, we are not dicators and therefore cannot decide for you whether or not you need the vaccine or not. We do however recommend you do some of your own research so you can be better informed before choosing whether or not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

I want the vaccine so I can access nighclubs. Which vaccine is the best and why?

Unfortunately we can't answer this as we are not scientists. However, it is important to research the manufacturer of the vaccine you are interested in to learn about what it could do to your body.

I received my necessary vaccine doses. Will I need more soon?

In some parts of the world, a 3rd and even 4th vaccine dose is rolled out and people are asked to take those doses to maintain their good vaccine passport status. It is possible that even more doses may be required as the months go on. Keep in mind that we are not dictators so we will not tell you whether or not you must take any dose of any vaccine.

I heard the Delta variant exists. Is there gonna be another lockdown?

It's possible but we are unsure, but it is a good idea to be prepared just incase it happens.

Isn't it illegal for a random nightclub bouncer to ask for health information?

According to other canadian laws, Yes. The bouncer is not your doctor and the only people that should be entitled to your medical information is you and any doctor you elect to share it with for the purposes of providing you with medical care.

It's like 18 months now that this COVID-19 madness is happening. When is the end date?

We wish we have the answer but honestly, we are not sure.