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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

CORONAVIRUS and Clubcatcher.com

What the ____ is going on???

A disease originated in late 2019 dubbed Coronavirus (or COVID-19) started in Wuhan China by someone. It is not certain if the person either touched or ingested an animal, but in any case, this person has spread the virus to more people around the world including infecting over 1,500 canadians of which 20 died (as of 8:50pm March 23rd). As the status of this virus continuously changes, the number of infections are also expected to change. For more information on actual numbers, consult any local news source.

How does this virus affect life?

As of tomorrow (March 24th), Doug Ford (the premier of Ontario Canada) issued an order for all non-essential businesses to close until March 31st, 2020 at earliest. Unfortunately for all you party animals, this order applies to all bars and nightclubs in Toronto and everywhere in the world. This means the only sort-of exciting thing you may be able to do is grocery shopping or work in a critical field.

I'm not sick. Why is everyone paranoid?

It is understandable that some like to shop late night or hang out at bars with people close together. Remember, the government has the solution. STAY HOME! This means keep a safe distance (2 meters or more) between you and any other person and ONLY shop for life-saving items (example: food) when you absolutely have to. The people that do follow the new rules by the government are preventing people from transmitting the disease.

How do I know if I have the COVID-19 coronavirus?

It's hard to say. People believe it stems from coughing, or from a flu or from a fever. Other sources believe its a respiratory issue. If you have recently developed new major symptoms that don't go away quickly for good, then you might need to visit a testing center. If you're unsure, then use the new tool launched by the Government of Canada to see if you need to be tested further.

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I'm sick. Can I buy medicine?

NO! This is because the goverment has ordered people (particularly recent travellers) who are sick to go home, and stay home for a minimum of 14 calendar days. This is known as self-quarantine. This is the government's attempt to eliminate the virus out of your system. If you require food, you should contact someone that is healthy to get the food for you. They also must follow the new laws of the goverment as well.

When can I go back to nightclubs to see my friends again?

Not anytime soon. For that to occur, the goverment must see that no new cases of the virus occurs and that many people are healed of the virus. Once they determined that, then the nightclubs owners that can run business can open again and serve you.

...But I want to get drunk. How?

If you really want to get drunk, then your only option is to purchase alcohol from any LCBO store at this time and then drink at home. As the state of this virus is changing rapidly, such option might temporarily cease to exist.

Why was EB Games open in Downtown Toronto after a state of emergency was declared?

Perhaps the company wanted to make alot of money. It baffled me as to why they must sell a new game in person instead of remotely. This is an example of a business not co-operating with limiting the spread of the virus (or better known as not "Flattening the curve")

What happens if I open my own nightclub right now?

At minimum, a $500,000 fine. This is because it violates a government order for people to practice social distancing and it also violates the order to not open non-essential businesses. You are best to wait until the government gives the all-clear.

Can I open a nightclub now if I use markers that indicate social distancing?

NO! You may have seen tape on the ground at checkouts space two meters apart to encourage social distancing. Regardless of your efforts (as a nightclub owner) to embrace social distancing, they are still not permitted to operate at this time as they require people to come together into one building for their business to thrive.

My club is losing money. How do I recover my loss if I can't open?

For now, stay tuned into the news. The government is announcing that it is doing everything it possibly can in order to help people (including affected businesses) through this crisis. In the meantime, you could try applying for Employment Insurance (EI).

Apply for EI now

My bartending job ends because the club had to close. How do I pay bills?

If you qualify, you may apply for Employment Insurance (EI), and earn about half of your normal income until the bar opens again. Apply ASAP because this program calculates the total hours you worked in the last 52 weeks and you need a certain number of hours to qualify. If you are unsuccessful, then you must wait till around April 2020 for a new emergency funding program that the government will provide to all people who don't qualify for EI. Stay tuned to your local news for more details.

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What happens if I crank up my boom box with 30 friends in downtown toronto?

Despite your love to party, Each one of you can expect a fine of anywhere between $750 and $100,000 along with a chance of being arrested on scene. Also, expect to have the boom box confiscated.

What is social distancing?

As explained above, this means being apart from the nearest person by a minimum of 2 meters or 6 feet regardless of how closely related you are to that person, even if that person is your lover.

My lover just returned from overseas. Is kissing safe?

Sadly no. The reason is because the person could have the virus without knowing it. If you do not wait at least 14 days before kissing, then the virus could be passed on to you in which case you will have to be stuck at home for 14 days minimum.

Can I take tylenol or advil If I get unusual pain?

Please excercise caution. Some sources report this medication makes the pain worse. The best thing to do at this time is stay at home for 14 calendar days.

How do I get rid of the virus?

This might not eliminate the virus completely, but it will likely make you healthier. Dr. Oz recommends that you get adequate sleep and try to reduce stress along with taking a source of vitamin C. Orange Juice is a good source of vitamin C, but the best source (that I use) is Camu Camu. 1/8th teaspoon of camu camu is enough for 100% vitamin C but it never hurts taking more. Other sources state you should get enough fluid (water) into your system.

I have an idea or an answer. How do I tell the government?

The Ontario government welcomes your ideas you have to eliminating the virus sooner. If you have any way of producing medical supplies, the government will appreciate your input. You may be required to provide them your name, phone number, and email address. Select the box below if you want to share your solution with the government.

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The club I went to until now had dance music. Now where do I get music?

Despite clubs being closed for the time being, Dance music is still available for downloading online. Currently, the best source of FREE Dance music is compiled by the Euro Nation team in Toronto. They are found both on Youtube and on Sound Cloud as well as other sound media outlets. Links below give you access to the music including a just-published 3-hour show. Best of all, there's no advertisements.

Euro Nation Channel

Latest Euro Nation Show

What's going to happen to this site as COVID-19 continues?

Like other businesses, it is uncertain what will happen. Despite world economy (including stock exchanges) going downhill, the clubcatcher team is continuing to make every effort possible to make high quality photos available to you at all times. Due to the new laws that will take effect, new photos will not be taken and therefore will not be published since the bars are forced to be closed until further notice.